Peter D. Hedderley
Technology Specialist & IT Consultant

"Software is like a lucid dream, limited only by our imagination and ingenuity
- we are the architects, sculptors, rule-makers and rule-breakers."
Peter D. Hedderley.

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Personal Interests of Peter Hedderley


My primary hobby, is music. I am a classically trained pianist and amateur organist.

I started to play the piano at the age of four and went on to perform in many concerts in England, including the Worcestershire Fringe Festival and have also performed in Russia. I compose music on an amateur basis for piano, church organ and orchestra along with a wide-range of electronic music. Whilst being a dedicated pianist, one of my great joys is the church organ, having been privileged to play on various organs, including those in/at:

  • All Hallows by the Tower, London (UK)
  • Worcester Cathederal, Worcester (UK)
  • Worcester Royal Grammar School, Worcester (UK)
  • Cologne Cathederal, Cologne (Germany)
  • Christus Kirche, Remscheid (Germany)
  • St. Gertrudis, Bramsche-Lingen (Germany)
  • St. Marien Frieden, Meppen (Germany)
  • Ev.-Luth.- Bethlehem, Meppen (Germany)

My musical studies took place in the UK, under the guidance and examination of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. My qualifications include Grades 1-7 Pianoforte and Grades 1-5 Theory of Music.

My creative works are released under my own name and also under the artist names Tofustaggerbush, KlangDex and Somnum.

If you are interested in listening to my music and finding out more about my activities as an amateur musician, take a look at:

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