Peter D. Hedderley
Technology Specialist & IT Consultant

"Software is like a lucid dream, limited only by our imagination and ingenuity
- we are the architects, sculptors, rule-makers and rule-breakers."
Peter D. Hedderley.

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Welcome to

Peter D. Hedderley

…applying knowledge, experience, imagination and passion to achieve successful IT solutions.

Who am I?

I am an English computer scientist, living and working in Germany. I speak fluent German and am married to a German woman. My professional career has so-far focused upon research and development, including the design and development of computer and software systems for major German customers.

I am very lucky to be able to say that I was literally “born” in to my profession. Since the age of 10, I became fascinated by computing and software development, growing-up through one of the most poignant eras of current IT history. Whilst many children say that they wish to be a train driver when they grow-up and later go on to become something completely different, I knew early-on in my life that computing was what I wanted to do and have followed that professional path ever since.

Rather than simply observing the introduction and evolution of personal computers, operating systems, the Internet, mobile telephones, etc., I was actively living it in my most formative years, seeing and understanding the changes that were occurring, reading computer magazines to learn all of the new technologies that we have come to accept as “normal” today.

Music: Tofustaggerbush, KlangDex and Somnum

If you are looking for my music - you will not find it here. I have specifically created another website for publishing most of my artistic works:

The names “Tofustaggerbush”, “KlangDex” and “Somnum” are my musical project names.

For more information about that side of my life, take a look at either the interests page, or go directly to:

Objectives of this Website

Customers, colleagues, friends and acquaintances often ask me about my work, profession, technical background, interests, thoughts and ideas. On this website, I wish to present myself and my profession and share my knowledge, thoughts and ideas.

I wish to share those experiences with you and at the same time show you how I may be able to be of benefit to you in my role as an IT Professional.

Where to go from here...

To find out more about my background, take a look at the History and Interests sections.

You can also take a look at the Downloads section of the site to obtain open source and public domain works that I have or are in the progress of releasing.

There is much more to come and I am frequently enhancing the website to provide more and more information - both about myself and about a whole range of issues, especially with a focus on IT.

I hope you enjoy the site and would be delighted to see you come back again to see the on-going updates and changes.

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